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The BRITISH Connection  is a local club, for BRITISH women in the St. Louis area of Missouri, whose aim is to promote a social network offering support and friendship.


We are open to all people of BRITISH ancestry, no matter which region of the UK (England, Scotland or Wales - comprising Great Britain - or Northern Ireland) going no further back than the third generation. So, you, your parents or grandparents are OK, but your great-grandpa Albert and great-grandma Victoria won't make the cut!  However, if your hubby (or partner) is BRITISH, then he's your ticket to join! 

Whenever our volunteer 'nerd' (Mel - the younger)
can get around to it (he responds most rapdidly to requests written on $20 bills), more photos and videos will be added to the Photos 'n' more page - so SMILE, you may be on our candid camera! 

If you have items (photos, videos, print-items, etc. - that you'd like to be included, just send them to 'the nerd' at the British Connection - the hyper-link is scattered around these pages in various places; don't make 'nerd' repeat it.



What we can do for you:

We women regularly meet a couple of times every month and also have some social events where we let our men-folk attend. See the Calendar page for a sampling of events - past and scheduled. 

We provide links (see Shopping and News pages) that may help you keep in touch with the homeland and relatives still 'over there'.  You can readily access BBC News (in print) - by clicking on the link in the 'News Box' on the right side of the page. It updates automatically - every day!
The Clubs & Societies page may help you locate other British folk on this side of the pond - or even beyond.

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